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Show Icon Preview Mode short-circuits file renaming

Submitted by baliset on August 12, 2008 to Annoyance, Bug, Icons

When the "Show icon preview mode" is engaged in the Finder, the process of generating those previews interferes with file or folder renaming. Selecting an item and seeking to rename it by clicking the text frequently deselects or "jumps out" because the icon generation for other items in the same folder is ongoing. You have to wait until all icons are generated before the text selection "sticks" and a new filename can be typed. When trying to rename a single item in a large folder, the process can be short circuited for a minute or more until icon generation completes.

The background process of icon generation should be threaded and should not interfere with any other operation, including renaming.



Not fixed

Discussion (1 comments)

brice wrote on August 20, 2008, 4:24pm

Very frustrating, If you want to make a new folder, you click the 'action' menu icon, then 'New Folder', you want to type the name, but nooooo you end up with a folder named 'untitled folder' which you then have to find and rename to what you had previously hoped to do, but noooooo, you still have to wait for those damn pictures to render their preview icons till Finder behaves as expected.

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