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Pages: text selection

Submitted by mojo2012 on November 2, 2008 to Annoyance, Bug, Usability

If you select a text in a normal aqua textbox with shift and arrow left, and then use arrow right while holding down shift, the selected text gets unselected again. If you do this while holding down shift+alt/cmd this works as well.

But in Pages the first one works as expected. But If you hold down shift+alt, the text gets selected to left and to the right side. So it's not unselected - the selection will be expanded ...

That's simply inconsistent and should not be.

Change Pages selection function to the system standard



Not fixed

Discussion (1 comments)

renatocoral wrote on November 4, 2008, 3:03pm

Also, the END and HOME keys do not behave as expected in all applications. In many apps when you hold SHIFT and press END it selects all the text ultil the end of the file and not just to the end of the line.
Most times the END and HOME keys behave like PageDown anda PageUp.

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