Cheap Beds When you are looking for the cheap beds then you have to sacrifice for the quality. First make a plan about the type of the bed, type of the material whether it is wooden or steel, price range etc… Don’t compromise on quality for the money as it is going to be the long term product if you get the cheap quality then you will have the double cost in the future. Don’t purchase from the first store you visit log into the different stores either local or online, compare the prices and models before selecting them. Also check for the discounts or deal with the products. There are some stores that sell only the cheap products they might be the used items. The futon beds have various designs which can be easily matched with the color of the room. They are available in wood, oak, and maple wood frames. The loft beds are built by raising the stands and the lower part is used for the books storage, other things etc… The Murphy beds are foldable beds which can be folded at the day time and this is the best type to use for the limited space rooms. The water beds are used for relaxation of both body and mind but there are severe damages caused when they are burst suddenly. Selecting the right kind of mattress is important to make the bed more comfortable. The coil mattress is used for coil beds which are long lasting.